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Great coffee needs a great grind

Start your day with the best coffee beans, a nice mug, and the grinder that that grinds just right.

  • New best-in-class Gen 2 Brew Burrs
  • New anti-static technology for less grind mess
  • New 100 gram capacity
  • New load bin design for smoother bean feeding
  • 31 grind settings and guide
  • Quiet grinding and automatic stop
  • Single dose loading for maximum freshness
  • Low grind retention
  • Magnetically aligned catch with easy pour fins
  • Grinds knocker

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A special announcement block that gets between toggle buttons and their toggled content.

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This component is also useful on the occasion we want to toggle some extra content from a toggle living in some paragraph copy. For example, when clicked. He's a good boy.

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